Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tiktik Magazine

TIKTIK MAGASIN “Magasin ng mga Krimen at Kasaysayan ng Paniniktik” is a true crime pulp magazine. Started in 1948, Tiktik pushed the threshold in its day for graphic content; be it in its no holds barred articles or lurid pictures of victims of the violent crimes that it features in its pages. Tiktik was released 26 times a year and ran until the mid-1980s.
The magazine featured indepth articles on various types of crime ranging from ingenious blue collar crimes to violent crimes of passion and revenge. Aside from the articles and stories. (Text from Komiklopedia)
Tiktik Magazine Circa 60s


  1. astig ang mga graphics, klasik na classic!

  2. I have the no. 1 issue of this Magazine. Nice site, keep it up

  3. Most of the covers of Tiktik magazine in the 60s were illustrations of my late father Jesue Eusebio Torres (aka JET). In fact all covers you published in this web page are all his. You will notice on each cover this a small acronym signature JET.

    His loving son.

    Luisito P. Torres

  4. Anonymous 4/9/2012

    99 Percent Covers of TIKTIK Magazines in the 50S & 60S were the illustrations of my Late father Jesus E. Torres
    (AKA JET). I ditto my young Brother Luisto P.Torres, That all covers you published I. The WEB are all his. With all
    Each cover with all each covers with small acronym signature "JET" which stands for JESUS E. TORRES.

    His Eldest Loving Son


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  6. Maaaring kapatid ni Elpidio E. Torres si JET. Si Pidiong ang nagdidbuho rin sa Ace Publications Inc. especially sa Pilipino Komiks, hal: Bondying; Mambo Dyambo; atbp..
    Ni Edgardo Valentino D. Olaes

  7. Steamy and torrid scene ang mga drowing ni JET na nakalathala sa itaas na TIK2 Mag..

  8. Does anyone know where to find copies of this magazine? I am looking for an article that was published between 1948-1950. The article was about my Grandparents fighting for custody of there children (my father). My Father always talks about how he remembers TikTik magazine publishing an article about the case and he just wrote a book about it too. I would love to get him a copy of the article as it would fill his heart with joy! The custody case was Sterling v. Henson. If anyone has any information please contact me @ Thank you!

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