Monday, February 13, 2012

Tres Ojos

Tres Ojos by Tony Velasquez and A.S. Tenorio
Illustrated by Alfredo Alcala
Pilipino Komiks Issue No.175 February 13 1954

Unang Labas

Jay-Em Cinco Collection
Complete story available.

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  1. Steve, Jay-Em,
    This was a favorite serial at that time. An unusual hero with 3 eyes. I can't remember whether the third eye was between the two front eyes, as it seems on the illustration with the 3rd eye covered, or the back. I think the third eye was in the back so he can see behind him.
    Anyway, Alcala's work here was first-rate. None of the major illustrators could afford to do anything bad, aside from all that talent, the competition was intense, and so one had to come up with his best work, and mind you these were weekly serials, which the illustrators, pencils, inks, and letters. None of that division of labor that was being utilized already here in the States, even at that time. American illustrators like Alex Raymond had assistants to help them, because of the weekly deadline, and some of the illustrations of Flash Gordon, were not Alex Raymond's at all. The only way to be sure is if there's a signature on a page. He usually signs on a page that he fully illustrated.