Sunday, June 3, 2012

Batang Bangkusay

Batang Bangkusay by Pablo S. Gomez
Illustrated by Nestor Redondo
Pilipino Komiks Issue No.247 November 17 1956

Unang Labas
Katapusang Labas

Jay-Em Cinco Collection
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  1. Steve,
    Wow, another classic from this tandem.

  2. Steve:

    Amazing drawings by Redondo.


    You've got really nice collections of old komiks, but I bet you haven't found my TWO ISSUES of LAGIM KOMIKS featuring my family's supernatural encounters in Bicol :)


  3. hi jm how are you? unfortunately I still haven't found it..:(

  4. JM:

    I'm still hoping that one day you'll find it. Your collections of komiks are incredible, as if you have a deep well of komiks!

    Good for all of us because we see all these beautiful illustrations from the past.

    But, I won't say THANK YOU yet, until of course you find the two issues of LAGIM, 1964, MGA LIMOT NA KASAYSAYAN. This is a reminder for you :)

  5. i'm still looking, hoping to find someone who has, I'll even trade an entire series for those two issue :) maybe you could ask mr. steve to place an ad stating that you're looking for lagim komiks..

  6. Steve, JM,
    Redondo was at his best here. I think he actually went to Tundo to research and sketch the location. And a twist to the story, Batang Bankusay turns out to be the girl Celing and was played in the movie version, by I think it was Rita Gomez, hahahaha, not too sure, we'll have to ask Simon. It was a Famas nominated performance if she didn't actually win it.

  7. Saan ako makakakuha pa panuod ng palabas ng batang bangkusay

  8. Saan ako makakakuha pa panuod ng palabas ng batang bangkusay