Sunday, September 23, 2012


Graciela by Teo Tenorio
Illustrated by A.S. Castrillo
Sampaguita Komiks Issue No.1 September 23 1957

Unang Labas


  1. Steve,
    Amado Castrillo, was I think one of the best komiks illustrator in the Golden Age of Philippine comics, but was not as highly regarded as say Redondo, Coching, Alcala or any of those more famous illustrators. Graciela is probably his best work and one of my favorites at that time. Do you have pages of when Graciela appeared as a young girl in the jungle? I think the story was something similar to a female Tarzan. Madz Castrillo's lush jungle scenes were a delight and were tough to match. His work in Graciela kept getting better and better from the initial pages you show. I believe, overshadowed by his brother sculptor Ed Castrillo, and the closing down of many komiks publication, plus the measly pay of komiks illustrators, he chose to work for his sculptor brother managing his workshop. Thus losing one of Philippine Komiks best illustrator. He did few work for American publications in the U.S invasion during 60s by Pinoy illustrators.

  2. Rod

    Salamat sa Info mo. Ngayon ko lang nalaman kapatid pala siya ni Ed Castrillo.


  3. Steve,
    I met Mads probably in Ed's workshop in Makati, or was it in a trip to Ilocos Norte or both, can't remember. This was sometime during martial law, when I had to sleep in Ed's workshop because of curfew. But in our nude sketchings, I could see Ed Castrillo's style was komiks style, probably influenced by his older brother Mads. I can only guess Ed probably took up Fine Arts because of the influence of his brother (Ed was my classmate at UST. Ed must have some unpublished komiks work hidden away somewhere.