Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lahing Kayumanggi

Lahing Kayumanggi by Trinidad A. Alvarez
Illustrated by Rody V. Arubang
Aksiyon Komiks Issue No.1 September 22 1962

Collection: Simon Santos


  1. Steve,
    Another Coching-influenced artist. The trouble with many artists influenced by both Coching and Redondo, is that they copy frame-by-frame such as this one, everything is copied from Coching illustrations including the cover art. What's good about illustrators like Emil Rodriguez, Antonio Ocampo, Floro Dery and Alex Nino, is that, while they're definitely Coching or Redondo-influenced, they can create, compose and make their own frames without resorting to copying, thus developing their own style. All four aforementioned artists, of course went on to become excellent illustrators with their own unique styles (except for Ocampo who passed away, his style though was already at par with what Redondo was doing at the same time and way ahead of another Redondo-influenced artist, Tony Caravana)

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