Wednesday, September 26, 2012


MN by Pablo S. Gomez
Illustrated by Fred Carrillo
Pilipino Komiks Issue No. 165 September 26 1953

Unang Labas

Katapusang Labas

Jay-Em Cinco Collection
Complete story available.


  1. Steve, Jay-Em,
    Diyos ko. Suspense naman ito. Ano kaya ang nangyari?

  2. OO nga, Rod, suspense nga! wala bang kasunod, Kuya Steve and Jay-Em, hehehe!

  3. Simon,
    Hindi ba may feature ka din sa MN sa blog mo? Kasi this was made into a movie, with Carmen Rosales as MN and Alicia Vergel as Ada. Teka, huling labas naman yata yun. We have the Unang Labas and the Huling Labas. What the heck happened in the middle? Hehehe.
    One thing about these great writers of komiks, not only are they excellent writers, but they know how to weave the story, create suspense, get the readers to squirm, and hunger for more, wondering what the next issue will turn out...all this in only 4 or 5 pages every week. That's why these komiks were so successful and read nationwide, even translated to different dialects. I was a boy when Condenado by Coching was serialized and I would go to the corner news and komiks stand on the corner of Bustillos and Legarda to rent the komiks... and one of the most suspenseful scenes was the shootout between the three protagonists, ala The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. But before we get to that Coching weaves a complex story ending in that final confrontation, with a sexy woman thrown in for good measure, and of course some of the best illustrations by Coching. I wish I still had my copies which got destroyed in a flood in Manila. Hope Jay-Em has them.

  4. hi, I'm sorry but I don't have that story, same thing it got lost long time ago. I only have El Indio, Diluvio, Lapu-Lapu, among others. Mr. Rod where do you stay in the US? thanks..I'll send the 2nd issue of MN, by request..hehehe..

  5. JayEm,
    OKs ito. Thank you very much for the offer. Here's my email address: and I live in Burbank, CA, a neigbor of Los Angeles. Yes, I'd like the 2nd issue if at all possible. Sayang, wala ka palang Condenado. That komiks was Coching at the peak of his career. His work went downhill after that, I think, but only just a little bit, until he retired a few years later. Condenado appeared simultaneously with Talipandas, in Pilipino Komiks and Espesyal Komiks respectively and both were Coching at his best. Espesyal would usually come out on Wednesday and Pilipino Komiks on Thursday, if my memory serves me right, and I couldn't wait to read them. Later, I started buying used komiks, and I bought almost all of Coching's work from his first to the latest, most of them got destroyed in the flood (same typhoon that destroyed the set of Apocalypse Now). I was in the States or maybe somewhere in Europe at that time.