Thursday, October 25, 2012


Pass for two
Cine Estrella
Oct 25-26 1954

First Darna Movie Ad
Published in The Manila times May 29 1951

Darna by Mars Ravelo
Illustration by Nestor Redondo

May 13 1950 Pilipino Komiks No.77
Darna - The girl who comes to possess the powers of a superwoman. A little girl, Narda, swallows a stone that falls from the sky. The talisman gives her the power to transform herself into a beautiful and mighty “wonder woman,” when she utters her name backward, Darna. As Darna, she can fly anywhere at amazing speed with her friend, Ding. With superhuman strength, she defends the oppressed and fights Valentina, the Medusa-inspired villain, who is wreaking havoc on a village.

Unang Labas
May 27 1950 Pilipino Komiks No.78

July 8 1950 Pilipino Komiks No. 81
January 5 1952 Pilipino Komiks No.120
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  1. Hi. I am Cherish Brillon. I am a PhD student in UP Diliman Asian Center currently doing my dissertation on Darna. I appreciate how this site featured Darna komiks and memorabilia which is hard to find now. May I know whom to ask for permission and whom to credit if I will be using this blog as one of my sources of data, especially your materials on Darna? Where can I send a formal request for permission po? Thank you and I appreciate your response.