Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mga Katok sa Hating Gabi

Mga Katok sa Hating Gabi by Julian Dayta
Illustrated by Antonio J. Ocampo
Lagim Issue No.28 September 5 1961

Kuwentong Tapos

Jay-Em Cinco Collection
Complete Story Available.


  1. Steve, Jay-Em,
    This artist was my favorite. He unfortunately passed away before we could see his full potential. That cover speaks for him, as to just how good he was, as to how good he was going to become. Obviously influenced by Redondo, he was as good as what his mentor was doing in the same time frame.

  2. among the Redondo clones, Tuning Ocampo is the best. Tragic din ang pagkamatay nitong taong ito.

  3. Anonymous,
    I think so too. In fact I thought he was even better in some respects. I thought his figures were better, he drew better proportioned women, compare his women to Redondo's Tulisan published the same year(also in this blog). Punggok ang mga babae ni Redondo. Ocampo's compositions I think was better too, but I would say a tie in blacking. Redondo was a master of blacking, Ocampo simplified a little bit, which was what Redondo would be doing much later on in his Superyor and Redondo Komiks days. Redondo was also a master of the brush and the brush stroke, Tuning put one over him with longer brush strokes, very obvious in the dress of the ghost in the cover illustration shown here. Ano ba ang ikinamatay niya? Another tragic Redondo disciple was Tony Caravana, who was hit by a jeep while bicyling. However, Caravana had a much longer career, illustrating for U.S. comics and in particular at Warren where he excelled in wash drawings.

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