Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sa Daigdig ng Kababalaghan

Sa Daigdig ng Kababalaghan by Ricardo Moravia
Illustrated by Tony De Zuniga
Lagim Komiks Issue No.28 September 5 1961

Kuwentong Tapos

Jay-Em Cinco Collection


  1. I wonder if many people realize that RICARDO MORAVIA is none other than: RICO BELLO OMAGAP.
    In 1970s he also used REGINA ORTIZ for short stories, and when he was too busy, I did short stories under the name of Regina Ortiz.

    Rico was one of the better writers in the old komiks industry, but quite underrated. His horror features were world class. He was also one of the nicest old writers in those days hence I didn't mind writing stories under REGINA ORTIZ. I guess people didn't know who exactly Regina Ortiz as well.

    If we mention the name VIRGO VILLA, many readers knew that it was Mars Ravelo. But there were other writers who wrote komiks serials under the name VIRGO VILLA. I know at least 3 people.

    This Ricardo Moravia piece is awesome. Very typical Rico Bello Omagap.

  2. JM,
    You're right. I was going comment on how good this story was. World class talaga. I didn't know Ricardo Moravia was also Rico Bello Omagap. Thanks.

  3. good day!
    pwde mag ask ng favor kung panu ko po ma contact c Mr. Rico Bello Omagap, impt. lg po matagal n kasi syang hinahanap ng nanay ko (pinsan nya-named Lourdes C.) nkaka alam pde po paki bigay ng email add ko: po!

  4. Dado de la Cruz:

    Malaon nang namayapa si Rico.